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How to effectively enhance the light fastness of paint?

Paint is a kind of liquid or solid material that can form a film on the surface of an object to protect, decorate or other special functions (insulation, rust prevention, mildew prevention, heat resistance, etc.) under certain conditions. Because most of the early coatings used vegetable oil as the main raw material, they were also called paints. Now synthetic resin has replaced vegetable oil, so it is called paint. Coating is not liquid, powder coating is a major category of coating.

The coating belongs to organic chemical polymer material, and the film formed belongs to the type of polymer compound. According to the classification of modern chemical products, coatings belong to fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a kind of multifunctional engineering materials, and an important industry in the chemical industry.

There are four main functions: protection, decoration, covering up product defects and other special functions, and improving product value. (Baidu information)

So how can we effectively enhance the light resistance of the coating?

Try some colors of Meidan!

277 Yonggu Yellow

Organic pigment 277 Yonggu Yellow is a gold colored powder. It has the advantages of high color concentration, good transparency, easy dispersion, good chemical resistance, high temperature resistance of 200 degrees and good light resistance

Can be used in ink, paint, plastic, rubber industry, etc

MR-939A titanium dioxide

Medan MR-939A is a multipurpose titanium white pigment, which can perform excellent performance in both indoor and outdoor applications. The finished product is fine dry powder.

Can be used in ink, rubber, plastic, paint and other products

MD iron oxide pigment series

Iron oxide pigment has the characteristics of good coloring power, strong covering power, high color concentration, light resistance and light resistance

Can be used for mosaic, terrazzo, wall paint, latex paint, powder paint, etc

Meidan pigment has a wide range of uses and high cost performance. It can be used in various industries and more applicable fields. You can consult professional sales personnel.

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