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What role does ultramarine pigment play in putty powder?

Ultramarine blue pigment is a kind of blue inorganic pigment with excellent heat resistance, non-migration, easy dispersion, non-toxic and environmental protection. Ultramarine blue powder with bright color can eliminate the yellow light in white matter, alkali resistance, heat resistance, light resistance, decomposition and discoloration in acid, insoluble in water.

Using ultramarine pigment in white putty powder can effectively mask the gray and dark light of other raw materials, and make putty powder obtain excellent whiteness and bright color. Especially when using Shuangfei powder, heavy calcium powder and gray calcium powder with poor whiteness and low price in the production of putty powder, the investment is large and the cost is also rising. Using ultramarine pigment can effectively improve the whiteness of putty powder, ensure the quality of putty powder and reduce the production cost.

Ultramarine pigment has wide compatibility among various kinds of powder putty powder, its effect is stable, easy to use, and shows excellent dispersion. It is especially suitable for interior decoration putty powder with high requirements for whiteness.

The whitening principle of ultramarine pigment is to release white light under the excitation of external light, which can mask the gray and dark light of raw materials and whiten the putty powder itself.

Characteristics of ultramarine pigment

1) Excellent heat resistance;

2) Excellent light fastness;

3) No migration;

4) Easy to disperse;

5) Safe and non-toxic.

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