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Meidan | How to improve the surface roughness of color masterbatch?
Production process of color masterbatch
The production process of color masterbatch is generally divided into four types: washing method, ink method, kneading method and metal soap method
Our customers often use the washing method of the color master batch production process: the pigment, water and dispersant are sanded to make the pigment particles smaller than 1 μ m. Through the phase transfer method, the pigment is transferred into the oil phase, and then dried to obtain the color master batch.
The surface smoothness of color masterbatch can preliminarily determine the quality of color masterbatch.
Some color masterbatches are mixed and dispersed unevenly due to raw materials, formula, processing technology and other reasons, and the surface of color masterbatches is rough. When it is particularly serious, the surface of the color master batch will have serious color spots with poor dispersion.
How to improve the surface roughness of color masterbatch?
1、 Whether the temperature control of extrusion is appropriate
If the surface of color masterbatch is not smooth and clean during production, first check whether the extrusion temperature is appropriate.
The surface roughness will be caused by too high or too low extrusion temperature or die temperature. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the extrusion temperature.
2、 Choose pigments with good dispersion
If the molecule of pigment is too hard, it will be poorly dispersed in the plastic, resulting in the surface is not smooth.
Pigments are easy to disperse unevenly, which will affect the appearance performance of color masterbatch; Uneven coloring will easily produce streaks or color spots, affect the appearance of colored products, and also affect other properties of finished products.
When the coloring power of pigment is poor, the amount of pigment will also increase and the material cost will increase.
3、 Whether the quality and dosage of dispersant are qualified
Some low-molecular-weight polyethylene mixed with paraffin or high-density low-molecular-weight polyethylene will affect the dispersion of pigment.
4、 Wetting of pigment
If the wetting treatment of pigment is not appropriate, it is difficult to obtain a color masterbatch product with good dispersion and smooth surface.
Recommended pigment of Meidan
016 Art Green
Product features: bright color, strong covering power, good dispersion and easy processing
Application field: epoxy floor color cement building material wall paint plastic products
2BSP light fast bright red
Product features: strong coloring power, high heat resistance, excellent light resistance, solvent resistance, migration resistance
Application field: stationery in the field of plastic and rubber
HG Yonggu Yellow
Product features: bright color, halogen-free, environmental protection, good resistance, high concentration, high transparency, easy processing
Application field: general product ink coating rubber plastic color paste
8501 phthalocyanine blue
Product features: green phase blue has excellent light fastness, low density, good migration resistance and environmental protection
Application field: solvent oil, ink, industrial paint, civil paint, high-performance paint, plastic rubber
Meidan pigment has a wide range of uses and high cost performance. It can be used in various industries and more applicable fields. You can consult professional sales personnel.
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