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  • TR36 Titanium Dioxide
  • Product color:WHITE
  • specification:25kg/bag
  • Product Brand:Jiangxi Tianguang
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Product description

TR36 Titanium Dioxide

TR36 titanium dioxide is a composite inorganic coating of aluminum oxide and aluminum oxide, and surface modification with a special organic treatment agent. It has excellent whiteness, easy to disperse, and has hydrophilic and lipophilic functions. It is suitable for most applications. , Tianguang TR36 titanium dioxide is a multi-functional and universal rutile titanium dioxide; it can be widely used in coatings, plastics, inks, papermaking and other fields.

Brand Mei dan
Modle TR36 Titanium Dioxide
Package 25kg/bag
Tio2 Content ≥94%
Rutile Content ≥98%
Whiteness ≥94%
Lightening Powder ≥1800
Dispersion ≥5.00
Oil Absorption ≤20g/100g
Residue the Sieve ≤0.03%
The Average Particle Size 0.25

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