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  • 6618T Titanium Dioxide
  • Product color:WHITE
  • specification:25KG/bag
  • Product Brand:Jinhai
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Product description

6618T Titanium Dioxide

6618T rutile titanium dioxide is a kind of water-biased white pigment treated with zirconium, aluminum and organic surface. It is a multi-functional and general-purpose titanium dioxide TIO2 white pigment. Made by sulfuric acid method, high-grade pigment grade titanium dioxide. Its hydrolysis and calcination are specially designed and controlled, and it adopts unique surface treatment technology. It has narrow material diameter distribution, good whiteness, and high weather resistance. It is widely used in the production of coatings, plastics, paints, rubber and inks.

Brand Mei dan
Modle 6618T Titanium Dioxide
Package 25kg/bag
Tio2 Content ≥93%
Rutile Content ≥99%
Whiteness 96%
Lightening Powder ≥115%
PH Value of Water Suspension 6.0-8.5
Oil Absorption ≤24g/100g
Residue the Sieve ≤0.05%
The Average Particle Size Volatile Matters at 105℃

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