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Famous Trademark

Meidan Pigments Company from 2001 to the present has obtained a famous trademark every year. The government believes that we have high market reputation and commercial value, and is well known to the relevant public. Therefore, Meidan was awarded the famous trademark.


Meidan Titanium Dioxide Co., Ltd. has been registered for more than three years and has been used in accordance with the law for three consecutive years since the date of registration (high-tech commodity trademarks and private enterprise use trademarks have been registered for one year)
The trademark of Meidan pigments powder is widely known by the relevant public in guangdong province and enjoys a high reputation. The advertising in the past three years has a certain continuity and a relatively wide geographical scope, and has a certain amount of advertising investment in the main media in the province.

The annual sales volume, operating income, net profit, tax and market share of pigment powders sold by Meidan Industrial Pigments are in the leading position in color pigment industry.

Meidan colour pigments is mainly exported, with an annual export value of more than 3 million US dollars. The pigments are exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.
Meidan has a good business reputation. we has a trademark management organization and management system.
The industrial toners sold by Meidan Pigments are of good quality, high reputation and good market prospects among similar companies in the province.

The product quality of Meidan pigments is excellent. The company’s quality, environment and safety management have reached international standards, and it has passed the certification and recognition of the national authority.


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