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Mei Dan - Alibaba International Certification

The certificate is a service that Alibaba and internationally renowned third-party certification companie certify the comprehensive capabilities of the Mei Dan company.

A third-party certification company conducts on-site audits and issues a credible certification report. Suppliers have been certified and passed will also receive a proprietary certification mark and report content display on the Alibaba platform, allowing overseas buyers to understand suppliers more quickly and comprehensively, improving communication efficiency and rapid trust.

Professional certification content: Through the analysis of the purchasing experience and habits of tens of millions of overseas professional buyers, combined with Alibaba’s ten-year e-commerce experience, we screen out the corporate information most concerned by overseas buyers. Considering the certification company’s many years of industry certification experience, it is an online business service that optimizes the certification content from the perspective of system certification industry experts.

Authoritative certification results: on-site audit by an authoritative internationally renowned third-party company, the report results are authoritative and credible. When selecting partners, Alibaba will select high-quality partners to ensure that the certification results are authoritative and effective by evaluating the certification company’s reputation among overseas buyers, certification authority, and industry experience.


Congratulation for Mei Dan pigments get the Alibaba verirfy.


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