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Pigment is the main raw material in paint, and pigment often gives paint a certain color. The pigments used in coatings are mainly inorganic pigments, of which titanium dioxide takes the first place, followed by iron oxide, chrome yellow, lithopone and other varieties. Paints also use a part of organic pigments with good weather resistance, especially red and blue pigments.

Titanium dioxide is the most common white pigment used in paints.Stable, nonflammable and non-toxic, this compound has replaced compounds of lead, a toxic element, as the most common white pigment used in residential paints.

Iron oxide pigments are relatively low-cost materials that resist color change due to exposure to sunlight, have good chemical resistance and are stable under normal ambient conditions. The leading uses of the pigments are in paints.

Ultramarine blue is widely used in outside advising paint due to its bright color, economic,and stable chemicals like high weather resistance, and light resistance, easy dispersion.







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