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The development of coatings has a long history. The transition of production technology from traditional production methods to modern production methods (namely, tinting production methods) has also taken a century and a half. The progress and transformation of paint production methods are accompanied by changes in pigment morphology. A certain pigment morphology represents a specific paint production method. There are many kinds of pigments widely used. Generally, color pigments are divided into four categories: coloring pigments, extender pigments, anti-rust pigments and functional pigments. Today we will introduce coloring pigments.
Coloring Pigments with many color.
White: titanium dioxide, antimony White, zinc oxide, lithopone
Blue: Iron Blue, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue
Green: chrome oxide green, lead chrome green, phenol green
Yellow: chrome yellow, cadmium yellow, iron yellow, zinc yellow, Hansa yellow
Red: cadmium red, iron oxide red, toluidine red, scarlet powder, alcohol soluble scarlet
Black: iron black, carbon black, graphite, nickel oxide, aniline black

We are specializing in the production the iron oxide pigments, have 24 years industry experience. Different pigments with different tinting, heat resistance, acid resistance, weather resistance. According your industry and characteristic recomman suitable pigment for you.
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