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Ultramarine Blue/

462 Ultramarine Pigment for Paint Rubber

Color: Blue

Product brand: Meidan

Relative Coloring Force %: >95

Water soluble salt %≤: 1.6

PH value of water suspension:5-8

Volatile matter at 105℃%:1.0

Residue on the sieve(0.045mm)%:0.5

Oil absorption value, g/100g: 40

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Mei Dan Pigments focus on the field of color pigments,  widely used and cost-effective. Meidan pigments can be used in various industries and more applicable fields.

Pigment blue 29 is special for painting: Use ultramarine powder to add blending oil, glue and acrylic separately to make oil painting, watercolor painting, gouache painting and acrylic paint respectively. Ultramarine is a mineral pigment. It is transparent, weak in hiding power and bright in brightness. It is not suitable for painting very dark tones. It is suitable for decorative colors, especially in ancient buildings.

Ultramarine pigment have good alkali resistance, good weather resistance, high temperature 300℃, can be used in plastic, rubber.

Mei dan pigments as a manufacturer of produce ultramarine blue. For your service is our pleasure to your satisfaction is our responsibility.

During the 24 years, Mei dan is awarded many awards, iso, famous trademarks, SGS, REACH, contract abiding by contract, star enterprise and other certificates. Meidan pigments commit to bringing color to the world. Welcome contact us.

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