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Titanium Dioxide/

939A+ Titanium Dioxide Pigment Used Plastic

Tio2 content: ≥93%

Rutile content: ≥98%

Whiteness:(compared with standard sample): ≥No less than

Lightening power:(compared with standard sample): ≥100

PH value of water suspension: 6.0-8.5

Oil absorption value: ≤20g/100g

Residue on the sieve: ≤0.02%

Volatile matters at 105℃: ≤0.5%

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MR-939A+ rutile titanium dioxide (C.l: PW6). It is a multi-purpose titanium dioxide pigment that can perform excellent performance in both indoor and outdoor application environments. A rutile titanium dioxide produced by the sulfuric acid method, the finished product is fine dry powder. It adopts advanced zirconia, alumina inorganic coating and organic coating technology, and has the characteristics of easy dispersion, good whiteness, strong hiding power, and high weather resistance. Titanium oxide powder for PVC, PO, PU, PS, PE, PC, PE, masterbatch, rubber, athletic track

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