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Iron oxide/

Brown Iron Oxide for Concrete Cement

Color: Brown

Product brand: Meidan

Oil absorption: >18.8

Water%: <0.51

Sieve the rest of the stuff %: ≤0.16

PH value: 7.2

Water soluble salt %≤: 0.59

Coloring power %: ≥97.9

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Brown iron oxide powder cement color price oxide powder for cement, building ceramicsand glazed ceramics, bricks, floor tiles. It has excellent hiding power, absorbs ultraviolet light, is compatible with a broad range of vehicles, disperses well in aqueous and solvent systems, does not contain heavy metals.

Brown pigment for coloring the rubber products, such as car inner tubes, airplane inner tubes. bicycle inner tubes.

Brown iron oxide pigment used into coloring high-quality diatom mud toner, widely used in coatings, paints.

There are 8 colors iron oxide pigments. Red, yellow, black, blue, brown, green, orange, grey. Iron oxide pigments have high tinting power, good hiding power, high concentration, high light resistance, good light resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance.

During the 24 years, Mei dan is awarded many awards, iso, famous trademarks, SGS, REACH, contract abiding by contract, star enterprise and other certificates. Meidan pigments commit to bringing color to the world. Wholesale for iron oxide powder, welcome contact us.

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