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Pigment Knowledge

Ultramarine is a blue inorganic pigment, with its unique red light occupying a place in blue pigments. Ultramarine pigment are extremely versatile. In the aspect of coloring, pigment blue 29 is used for blue paint, coating, rubber, ink, tarpaulin, color painting and blue paint for building exterior walls. In the aspect of whitening, it is used for papermaking, soap and washing powder, starch, white products and civil painting.

Range of use of ultramarine pigments:
①Coloring: used in paint, rubber, printing and dyeing, ink, color painting, construction, etc.
②Whitening aspect: used in paint, knitting industry, papermaking, detergent, etc.
③Dedicated paintings: Use ultramarine powder to add blending oil, glue and acrylic separately to make oil painting, watercolor painting, gouache painting and acrylic paint respectively. Ultramarine is a mineral pigment that is transparent, weak in hiding power, and bright, and is not suitable for painting very dark tones. It is suitable for decorative colors, especially in ancient buildings.

The well-known domestic brand Mei Dan pigments is a well-known ultramarine manufacturer in Guangzhou. MeiDan ultramarine has achieved provincial and ministerial excellence, and won the Provincial Quality Gold Award, the National Spark Plan Award and the Ministry of Commerce National Best Seller Commodity award. With an annual output of 10,000 tons, product output, quality, and sales have always ranked first in the domestic industry. Mei Dan has been rated as a famous brand, such as Ultramarine 462, which can be used for whitening.

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