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The pigment used in plastic recommend the color pigment with higher heat resistance, good tint strength, higher weather resistance, higher migration resistande, higher light fastness and better chemicals.Meidan ultramarie blue with higher heat resistance with 300 degree and widely used in plastic. Besides, Meidan titanium dioxide and iron oxide with the heat resistance at 180-200, and also have been approved by our customers in plastic industries.

Meidan iron oxide widely used in flowerpot due to its stable chemical characristics, price advantage, easy dispersin, higher heat resistance and weather fastness

Shuanglong Ultramarine blue has been widely used in all kinds plastic based on it bright colors, cheap price, higher heat resistance and stable chemical features

Meidan Titanium dioxide with its higher heat resistance at 200 degree, higher light resistance ,easy dispersion, higher light fastness and weather fastness and widely used in PVC pipes







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