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Pigment Knowledge

The pigments used in construction and building materials generally require good tinting power and hiding power, high dispersion, bright color, and stability to light, as well as good weather resistance and moderate chemical resistance. The ultramarine, iron oxide and titanium dioxide of Meidan pigments are widely used in outdoor environments that have high requirements for pigments due to their excellent performance.

Coloring of plastic products,
Such as thermosetting
plastics and thermoplastics,
and coloring of rubber
products, like car inner
tubes, fly inner tube, bicycle
Inner tube。

Various building ceramics
and glazed ceramics
bricks, floor tiles,
roof tiles,panel, terrazzo,
mosaic tiles, people
marble making.

Various indoor & outdoor
Colored concrete surface,
Such as walls, floors,
ceiling, pillar,porch,
pavement, parking, yard,
ladder, car station etc.

Coloring of paint and coating,
such as powder coating,
roll-up coating, automobile
paint, ship paint, baking
paint, floor paint, milk
glue paint, road marking
paint, printing paste, etc.

Recommend modules:462 Ultramarine blue, MR-939A Titanium dioxide, Meidan iron oxide series








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